2018 Intensive: Dobro with Fred Travers


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Thursday, February 22, 2018, 1-4pm

Fred Travers began playing Dobro in 1982, influenced by the music of the Seldom Scene and the playing style of Mike Auldridge. During 1986 through 1995, Fred performed and recorded with the Gary Ferguson Band, and Paul Adkins and the Borderline Band. In September of 1995, John Duffey and Ben Eldridge, founding members of the Seldom Scene, invited Fred to join the group as Dobro player for the band. Now, over twenty years later, Fred remains as the Dobro player/singer for the Seldom Scene. He has performed countless times with the band, around the United States, and in Canada. He also has appeared on the last four Seldom Scene recordings.

The Dobro Intensive will discuss these topics, and whatever might turn up from questions that develop during the Workshop!

  • Techniques and approach to Mike Auldrige’s style of playing the guitar with an emphasis on making the Dobro a defining voice in the music of the Band.
  • Improvising and preparing Solo’s for a song
  • Using the defined Melody
  • Using a combination of defined melody and other licks
  • Using the unique qualities of the Dobro/Slide guitar to create a singer’s approach to a solo
  • Utilizing slightly alternate tunings of the standard G tuning to enhance the Dobro approach and sound to a particular song.
  • Backup and fills
  • Single note and harmony scales as fills and back-up
  • Approach to Back-up fills – complimenting the song or singer
  • Playing Rhythm on the Dobro
  • Developing an arsenal of “back pocket”, signature licks for you to use.
  • Techniques for playing good tone on the instrument

During our review of these topics, there are a number other things that will be discussed I’m sure! Practice techniques, harmonics, Right and Left-hand techniques, scales, developing a visual roadmap on the neck of the guitar, Hammer-on and pull-off techniques, etc. etc….

Participants can expect to expand or improve their playing techniques, which may hopefully open a new door in your playing and enjoyment of the instrument. It will be a chance for all of us to share questions and ideas, steal a few licks from each other, have a bunch of fun, and jump-start another great weekend of music, jamming, and fellowship at Wintergrass!