2018 Intensive: Rearranging the Roots w/Joe Craven


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Thursday, February 22, 2018 9am-noon

REARRANGING THE ROOTS; Exploring possibility in Songs and Tunes – Joe Craven

For 30 years, Joe Craven has been known as a multi-instrumentalist who ‘plays forward’ folk tradition and process by mashing ideas and sound tools from a variety of unexpected places, thus creating new music altogether.  Joe was with David Grisman for 17 years and Joe has added to his creativity pool working with Jerry Garcia, David Lindley,  Alison Brown, Howard Levy, Vassar Clements, Rob Ickes and many other innovative artists. Even better known is Joe’s work as an award-winning educator having taught with vocalist Inga Swearengen, bassist Victor Wooten, children’s music innovator Paul Reisler and jazz percussionist Jason Marsalis. Joe’s love of music is broad and he continually seeks the happiness of pursuit in his pursuit of happiness.

REARRANGING THE ROOTS; Packaging Songs and Tunes

There are many ways you can present a song or tune with different grooves, tempos, instrument choices, harmonic maps, arrangements, etc,. “Producing” can make a great song/tune fall flat or make a mediocre song a mega hit! Take a traditional idea and make it indie pop; take a brand new idea and make it sound 100 years old. Looking at things differently is part of a long, grand tradition in Folk Music. Joe will remind you that traditions begin as innovations and innovations are built upon traditions. Bring songs or tunes of yours or by other folks and let’s have a great time playing dress up with those awesome ideas of yours!

REARRANGING THE ROOTS will address but not limited to;

1) Intention – What do you want your tune or song to say & to what audience?

2) The wardrobe of groove / style

3) Major or minor key (?) and the powers of both.

4) The intuitive connection of tempo

5) Instrumental density – how many layers do you need to play to say what you wish to say?

6) The Arrangement; the forms, the lengths, the beginning / middle and end…oh my!

And more…of course!
(All instruments and vocals – advanced beginner to advanced intermediate).