2018 Intensive: Learning Bluegrass Mandolin By-Ear with Christopher Henry


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Thursday, February 22, 2018 9am-noon

Christopher Henry has been called by IBMA, the premiere Monroe-style mandolinist of his generation.  His parents, Red and Murphy Henry are well respectd veterans of bluegrass and creators of The Murphy Method, one of the most popular educational programs for learning the music.  Christopher has been a member of the Peter Rowan Band for the last 4 years.  Christopher also leads his own nationally touring band.  He is a vocal proponent of learning bluegrass by-ear.

Learning Bluegrass Mandolin By-Ear will include but not be limited to:

Learning how to learn by-ear
* learning from recordings
* Learning to hear and understand intervals
* Developing an understanding of the most common forms in vocal and instrumental bluegrass

Developing speed
* practice techniques
* Pushing your limits
* Understanding drive

Studying Bill
* focusing on classic instrumentals
* Understanding the subtleties of Monroe style
* Exploring the intricaciesof broad-brushed melodies

The dynamics of bluegrass
* how to play with power
* How to backup tastefully and dynamically
* Learning how to become more comfortable with double-stops and how to use them effectively and dramatically

Also will study:
Bluegrass Blues
The Ancient Tones
Question and answer segments

Participants will learn to understand the amount of work that it takes to become really proficient in traditional bluegrass mandolin.  We will talk about prominent disciples of Monroe and their differences and similarities.  Expect to be challenged in this program.