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2019 Intensive: Clawhammer Banjo with Leonard Podolak


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Clawhammer Banjo with Leonard Podolak

Thursday, February 21, 2019 1-4pm

Take Your Claw-Hammer Playing to the next level. (best for intermediate to advanced players)

Leonard Podolak, founder of Duhks, is known as a unique banjo player. His style is based on traditional claw-hammer technique that comes from Old-time mountain music of Appalachia, as well as from the urban folk revival of the 60’s. His musical taste however is much more wide ranging as was the music of the Duhks, incorporating influences from Cajun, African, Scottish, and Irish music, as well as Blues, and Funk.

Leonard Is very pleased to be sharing some of his unorthodox banjo wisdom with the folks of Wintergrass this Festival.

The class is designed for as many folks who want to attend who have already achieved a basic understanding of how Claw-Hammer works, and can play a tune or two, or have kicked around Old Joe Clark in the same way for years, and want to expand on their playing but didn’t know how.

This class will cover some fun and exciting ways to take your playing to the next level, expanding your repertoire of ornamentation, including unique pull-offs, hammer-ons, The Famous”Cluck”, as well as how to play triplets like a tenor banjo in Irish and Scottish music. The class will give students different ways of keeping the rhythm going when not taking the lead, and the importance of variation when accompanying. This will be done starting with a simple version of a tune, which the class will build upon using the techniques taught. Students should not expect to come out of this class with a bunch of new tunes, but they will come out with a bunch of new tools to make the tunes they know sound a lot more interesting, and the ability to learn and create more easily.