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2019 Intensive: The Bed, Bluegrass, & Beyond Fiddle with Nicky Sanders


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The Bed, Bluegrass & Beyond Fiddle Intensive with Nicky Sanders

Thursday, February 21, 2019 1-4pm

Nicky Sanders is a Grammy-winning fiddle player whose technical ability and onstage charisma have made him a fixture in the bluegrass world. His longtime band, Steep Canyon Rangers, have been touring worldwide and putting out award-winning albums for over 18 years, often in conjunction with the venerable comedian and banjo player, Steve Martin. A San Francisco native, Nicky grew up playing violin and attended Berklee College of Music (2002), majoring in jazz and classical performance, and 20th-century composition. He has been a regular guest feature with the band Widespread Panic, and also performed alongside Jimmy Herring, Colonel Bruce Hampton, and Aquarium Rescue Unit. Nicky currently lives in Asheville, North Carolina, where he continues to teach privately and play locally in between sold-out shows across the country and long nights on the road.

It is his pleasure to be returning to Wintergrass as a performer, instructor, and Jambassador™.

“Nicky’s fiddling as the resident show-stopper of the Rangers is all bluegrass, on the surface. But his impeccable intonation in both fast lines and weighty double-stops betrays many years of classical training and expertise, and his improvisational confidence and effortless rhythmic versatility speak to his jazz experience. Well, those, and the fact that he tends to quote classic rock and Bach alike during his solos.” – Emma Hart (Dave & Emma Hart)

The Bed, Bluegrass & Beyond Fiddle Workshop will cover:

  • Composing a solo
  • Fiddle as an imitator of the human voice
  • How classical violin technique can translate to bluegrass fiddling
  • Performing fiddle backup
  • Why great musical ideas come to you in the shower
  • Using the blues scale versus the “bluegrass scale”
  • How many pillows is too many? One man’s perspective

Workshop level: intermediate to advanced.