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2019 Intensive: Ukulele Level 2 – Marcy Marxer


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Ukulele Level 2 with Marcy Marxer

Thursday, February 21, 2019 1-4pm

The Magic of Chorded Melody for Ukulele 

Intermediate-Advanced – This course level assumes the player can change chords in first position in  C, D, G, A, F and Bb and is comfortable with basic Barre Chords.

Afternoon session part 1:

Scales and Inversions

Major chord inversions up and down the ukulele fingerboard

Dominant 7 chord inversions up and down the ukulele fingerboard

Jazz chords and their inversions up and down the ukulele fingerboard

Major scales and Dominant 7th scales, identifying the intervals of each scale

Afternoon session part 2:

Building Chord Melodies- combining the skills learned in afternoon session part 1, we will start with a simple well known song, such as Red River Valley, learning the melody first, then the chord inversions that accommodate the melody. Marcy will teach you her method for building these arrangements.

This includes the right hand picking or strumming style that works well for each melody.

Bye Bye Blues – A Roy Smeck showpiece, taught by the master to Marcy. Smeck was a multi-instrumentalist whose ukulele jazz and vaudeville showmanship combined virtuosity and entertainment at the highest level.

Participants can expect to understand the elements of chorded melody in order to create their own arrangements on the ukulele. They will learn a very versatile vocabulary of major and dominant chord voicings designed to highlight the melodies of any of the songs they already play, or would like to learn. They will leave with 2 arrangements of well known songs (and understand how those arrangements were created) and one showpiece tune.