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2020 Reserved Seating Upgrade Left Row 4

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This option is an upgrade for your existing Weekend pass.  This upgrade DOES NOT include a weekend pass.  You must own or purchase a weekend pass in order to take advantage of this upgrade.

You are purchasing a Reserved seat.  Reserved seats are located at the Grand Ballroom stage on the center side sections.  At festival registration,  you will be provided with a name tag & lanyard which you must wear to gain entrance to the Reserved Seating section. Purchase of this ticket option gives you exclusive use of this seat from Thursday through Sunday.   However, you may share your seat when you are not using it by loaning your name tag and lanyard to your friend.

No reserved seats are front row seats.  We know that some reserved and legends seating will be open during the course of the weekend, (you’ll likely visit other stages or engage in other activities from time to time). The Reserved section starts  3 rows back from the very front of the seating area in the Grand Ballroom.  This is because it’s important that the view from these seats be good for both you and the artists on stage.  Because of the very bright stage lights, artists generally can only see those very first few rows of the audience. If those seats are empty, it can be very disheartening to performers. Your reserved seats have an excellent, up close, view of the stage, but for the most part, cannot be seen from the stage during performances.

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