Ear Trumpet Labs: How to Mic a Bluegrass Band 2020



Please read the entire description below these questions before signing up! Anyone may attend this workshop. Only 6 performers will work onstage with the mics. That is what you are signing up for.


Friday 3-5pm, Auditorium

2-hour session – 6 bands per session


In this unique workshop, your band will have the chance to work with the experts from Ear Trumpet Labs to optimize the set-up for your unique sound.   Ear Trumpet will have mics to try various set-ups favored by top bluegrass bands. It will be both a how-to single mic workshop and a one-on-one consultation whether a single mic or multi-mic set-up is best for your band.

Entrance to most festival workshops is first-come, first seated.  However, although there is no additional cost to festival ticket holders, advance sign up is required for this workshop if you want to get up on stage and try the mics.  Each band who does so will have 20 minutes to get on and off stage and work with Ear Trumpet experts.  Everyone is welcome. You will learn as much by observing as by being on the stage.  Sign up ONLY if you wish to get up on stage and work with the mics and the Ear Trumpet team in front of an audience.

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Ear Trumpet Workshop

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